Risen frame: A tool for creating prompts for ChatGPT
Risen frame: A tool for creating prompts for ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful and versatile chatbot that can generate various types of content, such as stories, poems, code, and more. However, to get the best results from ChatGPT, it is important to provide it with a clear and specific prompt that tells it what to do and how to do it. This is where Risen frame comes in.

Risen frame is a framework for creating prompts for ChatGPT, based on the acronym RISEN, which stands for:

  • Role: Assume a role that is suitable for the task you want to perform.
  • Instructions: Give clear instructions for what you want ChatGPT to do.
  • Steps: Describe the steps that ChatGPT should take to complete the task.
  • End goal: Define the end goal of the task.
  • Narrowing: Limit the possible solutions, such as by forbidding ChatGPT to use certain words or phrases.

By following the Risen frame, you can create prompts that are more likely to elicit the desired response from ChatGPT, and avoid confusion or ambiguity. For example, if you want ChatGPT to write a detailed business plan for a new online store, you could use the following prompt:

Role: You are a business strategist with experience in e-commerce.
Instructions: Write a detailed business plan for a new online store that sells handmade jewelry.
Steps: 1. Start with an executive summary that outlines the mission, vision, and goals of the store. 2. Continue with a market analysis that identifies the target customers, competitors, and opportunities. 3. Proceed with a marketing strategy that describes the product, price, place, and promotion of the store. 4. Finish with a financial plan that estimates the costs, revenues, and profits of the store.
End goal: The goal is to convince potential investors that the store is a viable and profitable business idea.
Narrowing: Do not use any fictional names or numbers. Use realistic and relevant data and examples.

Using the Risen frame, you can create prompts for ChatGPT for any task or topic you can think of, and enjoy the creative and intelligent content that it generates. Risen frame is a simple and effective tool that can help you get the most out of ChatGPT.

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